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Fleet Consulting
Whether you operate a fleet of passenger cars, specialised vehicles, materials handling equipment, plant or trucks, we have extensive resources and experience in vehicle and plant management to assist you with your next; project, improvement initiative, problem resolution or review.
Fleet Operations Support
We provide a flexible resource and on-call expertise to assist you manage your business. We can help you ensure compliance obligations are met and that the financial and operational benefits of best practice fleet management are realised. more »
Fleet Training and Coaching
We specialise in professional development training in the areas of; fleet management, management and transport and logistics. We can provide training materials for delivery by our experienced practitioners or materials for your own delivery. more »

Fleet Consulting

  • Fleet review and improvement
  • Fleet management strategy development
  • Fleet Asset Management Plans
  • EV transition planning
  • Financial analysis
    (Lease v own, useful lives, whole of life cost)
  • Policy and procedure development and review
  • Optimised replacement planning
  • Safety and environmental improvements
  • Benchmarking
  • Utilisation analysis
  • Information management requirements definition
  • Specification preparation
  • Fit for purpose fleet selection

Best Practice Principles

Fleet Asset Management

We take a holistic approach to fleet management based on best practice asset management principles that considers not only whole-of-life costs but other important aspects such as strategic alignment, policy, demand analysis, operational performance, life cycle planning, risk management and management review.

Sound fleet management provides a robust foundation for planning investment, supporting capital and operational funding bids, ensuring efficient and effective life cycle management and guiding appropriate disposal. In short, good asset management reduces risk, improves efficiency and supports effective business outcomes.

fleet management fleet asset management fleet management consultant

EV Transition

The Electric Vehicle transformation is happening. But EV transition needs to be planned carefully taking into account aspects such as; fitness-for-purpose, utilisation, service support, budgets and re-charging. It is also critical that the introduction of EVs is managed methodically and thoroughly to support successful outcomes.

EV transition

4C Management Solutions can work with you to develop a detailed, practical and manageable road map to EV transition.

Business Case

“The fleet can be one of the highest costs for an organisation. By managing the fleet properly significant improvements can be made to operational effectiveness and the bottom line. Fleet Management is about maximising the effectiveness of an organisation’s cars, trucks and plant at the lowest overall cost.”

Rob Wilson, Director
4C Management Solutions
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Our Methods

Review - 10 Aspects of Fleet Management

4C Management Solutions uses its Ten Aspects of Fleet Management model to assess and improve fleet operations. The model is based on years of practical fleet management experience and best practice asset management principles. Each of the ten aspects considers in detail specific characteristics of effective and efficient fleet management.

For example, the Governance and Management aspect is broken down into characteristics relating to structures, authorities and responsibilities. Similarly, the Life Cycle Management aspect looks at characteristic such as procurement, maintenance, operating costs and disposal. Each of the ten aspects is assessed and evaluated in detail and an overall capability score provided.

This approach provides many benefits. Firstly the detail contained within the Ten Aspects of Fleet Management provides a comprehensive and quantifiable assessment of your fleet operation that is presented in a detailed report.

Secondly, the process identifies opportunities for improvement that can be prioritised and implemented over time.

Thirdly the score provides a reference point against which improvement is measured and monitored over time, demonstrating to stakeholders, using a simple bar graph, a quantifiable and proactive approach to management and continuous improvement.

10 aspects fleet management

Fleet Asset Management Plan

vehicle procurement

Financial and operational pressures are forever present and seem to be increasing year on year. Fleet Managers must be able to justify the investment required to operate their fleet and to demonstrate that every dollar spent is for the right reason. Having the answers is not enough, they need to be documented to ensure clarity, provide a common vision and direction for the team, identify opportunities for improvement and importantly to demonstrate sound governance and management to stakeholders.

A Fleet Asset Management Plan (FAMP) is a strategic document that demonstrates the alignment of the fleet to the organisation’s objectives, provides analysis of current and future requirements, describes how fleet items are managed throughout their lifecycle, identifies funding requirements and importantly documents strategies to move to a best practice approach for fleet management.